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22.11.2018 Solid is participating in the largest Domotex 2019 exhibition, which will be held in Germany (Hanover) from 11 to 14 January 2019.
The world-famous Domotex exhibition will be held for the 31st time. We traditionally participate in this exhibition, and 2019 is no exception.
In 2019, this event takes place under the motto «create». There are no limits to creativity. And every day, we work, create and develop in close collaboration with you. We use modern production techniques that meet our customers’ needs to make your life more comfortable, give warmth and comfort to your home, while allowing you to save considerably.
We are preparing our new products for presentation. It is also the long-awaited underfloor heating pad with perforation holes for maximum and uniform heat distribution over the entire surface of the floor covering. It is also a profiled perforated substrate for underfloor heating from SOLID TM. New: the 5 mm thick laminated liner and the vapour barrier film «SOLID BASE» — a real «base» in the construction of modern, durable and reliable floor coverings. In general, we can make you happy!
Please note that the exhibition takes place from Friday to Monday from 9am to 6pm. Exhibition address: Deutsche Messe Messe Messegelände 30521 Hannover.
We will be happy to welcome you on our booth D45 in pavilion 13 (the pavilion is located near the subway exit and the western entrance).

Hurry up and get a first-class product! 21.11.2018 The attractive design of the C661/66 skirting board with its curved edge is ideal for stretch ceilings. In addition, the skirting board is easy to install — you can install it yourself without any help. Well, and the availability of the product price will save you money during the repair!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! TM «SOLID» 2 m injection baseboards series «600». — This is the most popular size!
The dimensions of the skirting board C661/66: 2000x55x30 mm.
In 1 box: 65 Pcs. x 2m = 130 m.
For more information on bulk purchasing, please contact your manager on tel. : +7 (343) 2-170-870

NEW — vapour barrier film 05.07.2018 «Miserably paid twice», a proverb that says that everyone has been known since childhood. Oh, alas! If you have forgotten or saved on waterproofing when installing a new and beautiful willow tree, the negative consequences will sooner or later be felt.
Excess moisture in a house’s flooring is a problem, as is improper installation or failure to follow flooring maintenance recommendations.
Anticipating the problem of humidity, «Solid» offers its solution — the vapour barrier film «SOLID BASE». A real «base» in the design of a modern, durable and reliable floor.
A packaging protects 15 m² of floor space. A single purchase will save you time and money.
Prevent moisture penetration, and your laminate or parquet will delight you for a long time!

Everyone needs a warm and comfortable home. Especially when it comes to the comfort of families and loved ones. Modern techniques for the production of underfloor heating systems offer increasingly perfect, economical and practical materials for heat conservation.
After choosing a underfloor heating system, installed under a laminate floor or under a parquet floor, you cannot do without a special support — quite heat-conducting, dense, but at the same time very elastic.
All these qualities, and many others, which are undoubtedly important for comfort, are our novelty — the profiled perforated substrate for SOLID TM underfloor heating systems.
Its thermal insulation is 0.05 m²k/W and its load resistance is 11 t/m². Our substrate resists the risk of deformation due to the pressure of heavy furniture, helps to preserve and distribute heat perfectly over the entire surface of the ground, thanks to a special perforation.
The substrate is produced in rolls 1.1 m wide and 15 m long. The surface area of a roll is 16.5 m².

Thank you to all the company’s regular and future customers for their interest at the «Solid» booth!
All our new products have received well-deserved attention. And there are many for the exhibition:
— underlay for underfloor heating with special perforation; — a harmonica substrate with vapour barrier; — TUPLEX, which will now only be produced at the Solid factory; — decorative baseboards of the «100» series.
The exhibitor attracted questions from the guests and clearly demonstrated the soundproofing qualities of the «Solid» support and its levelling properties.
We answered thousands of your questions, obtained dozens of new contacts, talked to customers in different countries. The exhibition is over, but we are still working together.

Dear partners;
from April 03 to 06, we invite you to visit Solid’s stand at WorldBuild Moscow, the world’s largest trade fair for building and finishing materials.
We are preparing our new products for presentation:
— underlay for underfloor heating with special perforation; — a harmonica substrate with vapour barrier; — TUPLEX, which will now only be produced at the Solid plant.
We plan to show samples of new decorative products, which have just been put on sale. New baseboards and decorations await you.
All new products can be viewed, samples and promotional material can be taken.
We will be ready to discuss the benefits of our cooperation and all the issues that interest you.
Our stand is located in the centre of Hall 8-3, place V237.

The «Solid» company has started the production of a long-awaited innovation: substrates for underfloor heating with cut-outs.
Its characteristics:
— thickness: 3 mm
— Sheet size: 500*1000 mm
— Quantity in packaging: 5 m².
The underfloor heating pad with cut-outs is placed on top of the underfloor heating element. It allows maximum and uniform heat distribution over the entire surface of the floor covering.
The Solid TM slaughtered substrate is made of expanded polystyrene.
It can be easily cut with any cutting tool, the sheets are fixed together with «Solid Aqua Stop» metalized tape.
To learn more about the new product and to place a bulk order for a substrate under a laminate, you can contact the manager by phone: +7 (343) 2-170-870

From January «12» to «15», the annual international exhibition «Domotek» with («World of Flooring») took place in Hanover, Germany. For the second year in a row, Solid is successfully presenting its products here. European buyers have paid a lot of attention to the new «Solid» products: sheet substrate for hot water floors, laminated vinyl sheets (LVT), three-millimeter substrate with wide openings for laying hot floors.
During four working days of employees of «Domotex» of «Solid» held dozens of meetings and negotiations, presented the company’s products to customers from Georgia, Uzbekistan, Norway, Serbia, India, China and, of course, Germany. Negotiations were held in 2018 on the main areas of cooperation with existing customers in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan.
The company’s development plans include increasing its customer base, organizing shipments to new customers and expanding its product line with new products.
The next exhibition where Solid will present its products will be WorldBuild in Moscow.

From 12 to 15 January, Solide invites everyone to visit its stand at the 30th Domotex 2018 international trade fair in Germany (Hanover).
We plan to introduce new substrates developed and launched in the second half of 2017, some of which are already on sale. First of all, it is a substrate for underfloor heating with vapour barrier and, which is very much in demand by Europeans and is already gaining popularity in Russia, a special substrate under LVT. And also to show the innovations of the operating range and interesting advertising stands. We will inform you about our plans to develop a range of laminated substrates and will be happy to answer your questions.
Note: In 2018, the Domotex (Floor World) exhibition will see a major change.
First of all, the working days will change: the exhibition will be held from Friday to Monday, which will allow more visitors to see the exhibition.
Second, exhibitor locations will change. This year, laminate manufacturers (and us with them) moved from Hall 7 to Hall 13, just next to the subway exit and WEST1 entrance.
Third, the exhibition will be held under the motto UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE — complete individualization. This means that every visitor will find here a large number of interesting products and ideas, which Solide is constantly striving to meet.
We will be pleased to welcome you to our booth number A53 in Hall 13 (at the entrance in the middle of the Hall, next to the information desk).
To obtain a free ticket to the show, please contact your manager and we will send you a link to the electronic ticket.
Your Solid company, +7 (343) 2-170-870

SOLID PLATED 14.12.2017
The new harmonious duet support is made of 3 mm thick extruded polystyrene. Thanks to the metallic coating, the substrate also has vapour barrier and heat-reflecting properties. It can therefore be used in underfloor heating systems under the heating elements.
Thus, the combination of the levelling and barrier properties of polystyrene (it does not rot and is not afraid of moisture) with the heat-reflecting and vapour-insulating properties of the metallized coating makes it possible to apply a new «Solid» substrate without additional sealing on the fresh screed, on unheated rooms or on the ground floor. The substrate will serve and protect the laminate for at least 10 years, extending its life.
Add to that simplicity and economy:
in a 10.5 square meter package of substrate, forming a single canvas thanks to the shape of the harmonica, where all the sheets are already glued together;
it is easy to measure and cut with a cellular marker on the surface of the substrate.
You get a product that combines the best properties of the «Solid» substrate with European quality and a reasonable price. The benefits are obvious!
To order a new «Solid» vapour barrier with metallic coating;
call your manager: +7(343) 2-170-870-870

November 2017. TPG «Solid» has expanded its range of modern, high-quality injection baseboards — C 171/95, series «100».
Here are the three main features of the new skirting board:
it’s profitable. Baseboards with sculpted edges are very popular with buyers. The skirting board of the C 171/95 is a competitive product that will bring you a real benefit this year!
Practical. The C 171/95 injection plinth is perfect for standard medium sized spaces; under ceilings with any finish: lime bleaching, painting, plasterboard, glue panels.
Comfortable. The new injection baseboard is perfect for stretch ceilings. Its laconic design will transform any interior, create comfort and friendliness.
The size of a baseboard with 171/95: 2000х70х45 Mrs.
In 1 box: 36 Pcs. x 2m = 72 m
For more information on bulk purchasing, please contact your manager on tel. : +7 (343) 2-170-870

New elegant extruded skirtings «Solid» with pattern or silver!
Manufactured on the basis of the popular profile C 17/60.
Length 2 m.
In 1 package of 96 linear metres, or 48 baseboards.
Photos available on order:
«Athens (gold), Athens (silver), Wave (gold), Wave (silver), «Persia (gold), Persia (silver), Thessaloniki (gold), Thessaloniki (silver), «Tulip (gold), Tulip (silver), Fantasy (gold), Fantasy (silver).
When ordering — specify the desired color of the image: gold or silver.
Add a new product to your assortment, get a favourable wholesale offer for prices: +7(343) 2-170-870

NEW CATALOGUES OF SOLID SUBSTRATES, PAVEMENTS AND PLINTHS 23.10.2017 New additions and extensions to the Solid product catalogue (slabs and baseboards) and the Solid substrate catalogue have been published. They can be downloaded in PDF format in the «Useful material» section.
In the updated catalogues, you can see all the new products recently launched by «Solid». We have also updated the photos of the ceiling tile and the coloured skirting board: you can now see the «silk» pattern and the «Colour» tiles in all the available colours.
Detailed information on all types of polystyrene (XPS) under laminate, underfloor heating and vinyl tiles is also presented in the summary table.

Our new product has a practical packaging: 6 rolls of corrugated cardboard. In each 10 m² roll of «Solid» composite substrate. The 3 mm substrate thickness corresponds to the recommendations of laminate manufacturers.
The «Solid» composite substrate perfectly protects any coating from moisture and provides good sound insulation. It is easy to transport and store.
Solid» is an example of the use of the most modern materials and techniques to extend the life of the floor covering.
Order the «Solid» composite support for your managers, +7 (343)2-170-870, be the first in your region.

When choosing building and finishing materials, people are increasingly thinking not only of their appearance, durability and cost, but also of respect for the environment.
Our novelty — a substrate made of natural materials from the «Solid» brand: a 7 mm coniferous substrate.
Its differences:
100% natural product: made of coniferous wood, without glue or chemical binder;
promotes air circulation under the floor covering: thanks to the porous wooden structure;
provides good sound insulation: reduces the sound level to 19 db ;
protects the locking connections against damage: resists a pressure of 12 t /m2;
aligns the base: up to 2.9 mm;
does not cause shrinkage in continuous operation;
the «Solid» TM substrate is produced according to European Union standards.
To specify details and to place a bulk order it is possible by phone: +7(343) 2-170-870

POLYSTYRENE ARCHITECTURE 01.06.2017 In the new collection — columns, capitals, polystyrene pilasters. They are lightweight, easy and reliable to install, created in the traditional classic style.
You can see the new architectural décor on the site in the «architectural décor» section. You can buy a new item in the retail trade at the online shop for architectural decoration.
More information — your managers have +7 (343) 2-170-870

One of the most discussed and recent topics on the flooring market is the emergence of an increasing number of varieties of vinyl laminate (LVT) with the «click» locking system. Its popularity is growing before our eyes. LVT coating attracts customers with its durability and wide range of designs, so the issue of having a special support is very modern and significant.
The LVT laminate holder with locking system is mandatory, as the LVT locks can break on the hard floor afterwards.
So, what are we going to do to surprise you again?
For the first time in the country.
Here’s a great new feature: an extruded polystyrene soundproofing substrate based on polystyrene molecules for vinyl lock laminate, which extends the life of the LVT closure system.
Be careful! Be careful!
On the surface of the substrate there is a special marking cell on the 1 cm surface:
it is a pleasure to work with such a substrate!
The sheets are easy to stack and it is easy to measure and cut the required amount of substrate during the stacking process! Try it for yourself!

TM Solid substrate under LVT :
— maintains the optimal condition of the LVT coating under long-term static load (e. g. heavy furniture); — helps to eliminate small irregularities in the floor covering; — protects the LVT coating from falling objects; — reduces walking noise and impact noise in the room below; — has a high compressive strength; — offers complete waterproofing;
In addition, the high load resistance coefficient extends the life of the LVT panel closure system through a high resistance coefficient.
This holder is ideal for underfloor heating (floating) and is therefore also multifunctional!
Detailed product information.
Order a new product from your manager at +7 (343) 2-170-870.

New turquoise substrate, available in XXL format.
The bracket is designed to level the base of the floor up to 5 mm.
Ideal for rooms requiring additional thermal and acoustic insulation.
Thanks to the embossing on the surface of the support (1 cm side cage), the amount of support required is easy to measure and cut.
Packaging volume: 6 m² of supports (sheet dimensions — 500*1200 mm).
Packaging: box with a capacity of 0.28 m³, containing 6 packs of substrate (36 m²).
Order a new product from your managers by phone: +7 (343) 2-170-870

08.02.2017 «Solid» offers a new product — the «SOLID PROFESSIONAL» glue.
The glue is intended for gluing polyurethane, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene products (sticky ceilings, baseboards and decorative elements), it is used for indoor and outdoor work. Can be used as a filling product.
Its characteristics:
adhesives and sealants;
is a good shredder;
a super-powerful mounting;
is painted with acrylic paints;
does not turn yellow when it dries;
«SOLID PROFESSIONAL» mountain adhesive has a neutral odour, contains no solvents, is flame retardant and non-toxic.
Quantity in the box: 24 pieces, 1 tube: 310 ml (0.4 kg).
WARNING: the adhesive cap is not provided because the adhesive is professional, and working with this adhesive involves its full use, which does not require saving for the next time.

Solid has added 9 new models of stamped ceiling tiles to its range at the same time.
«Pearls, stained glass, Goa, Len, Frost, New York, Rome, chess and Yalta
Packaging: 54 square meters of plates in a box.
Initial sales showed that customers liked the new products.
Request a quote for these items: +7 (343) 2 — 170 — 870

Dear partners, the grey laminated sheet in size XXL We are starting to produce the popular grey laminated sheet in size XXL. Now you can buy a 3 mm thick XXL substrate made by Solid in a shiny salad and in the usual grey colour. The dimensions, price and characteristics are the same. Volume of the «enlarged» packaging: 6 m² of grey support (sheet size — 500*1200 mm). Packaging: a box with a capacity of 0.28 m³ can contain 12 packs of substrate. You save on logistics and get a product that is requested by customers! Ask your managers about the new feature: +7 (343) 2-170-870

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